The party keg as a customer gift: How Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG generates sales during the European Championship!

In their innovative marketing approach, Würth has been offering party kegs as customer gifts for over 15 years in the summer, targeting customers with a minimum turnover of 333 euros. By combining beer, soccer, and shared experiences, the company creates a relaxed atmosphere and strengthens its relationships with customers. The experience of tapping fresh beer oneself conveys a sense of exclusivity and appreciation. The enthusiasm is great every year, and the party kegs are usually quickly gone - a good sign of emotional customer loyalty.

In the world of marketing, there are constantly new ways to excite customers and build long-term business relationships. Würth has found an unusual but extremely effective method: party kegs as customer gifts for those who achieve a turnover of at least 333 euros. In total, 38,000 mini kegs are given away in the 600 Würth branches nationwide. The enthusiasm among customers is huge, and the party kegs are usually quickly claimed. But what is behind this unconventional idea with the special turnover figure? We sat down with Dominic Gärtner, a member of Würth’s marketing team, to learn more about this special campaign. The party keg as a customer gift is an idea that has been successfully used at Würth for at least 15 years.

The party keg as a customer gift: beer and soccer – the perfect combination

Dominic Gärtner, Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG

Beer and soccer – an unbeatable combination that unites people around the world. For many years, Würth has recognized that these two worlds also fit together perfectly in their marketing efforts. By providing party kegs as customer gifts during major soccer tournaments, Würth not only creates a relaxed atmosphere but also positions itself as a company that understands and shares the interests of its customers. “Our customers are mostly craftsmen, such as those in the automotive, electrical, or installation sectors. They are mostly men who like to get things done and, of course, share soccer as a common hobby,” explains Gärtner in discussing the campaign. “A beer in a social gathering – that’s what excites all of our customers. This year, to celebrate the European Championship, we’re even offering original jerseys, soccer balls, and a cooling and tapping system along with the party keg, allowing the beer to stay fresh for several days. This way, we’re celebrating the European Championship and our customers at the same time.”

Watching soccer together is not only a popular pastime but also provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships and build trust. Würth gives its customers the opportunity to watch soccer together with their friends, families, employees, or business partners while enjoying freshly tapped beer. In doing so, the company creates a unique bond that goes beyond business transactions. The party keg as a customer gift is so popular that many customers even make an additional purchase to reach the required 333 euros in sales and take home a mini keg – a true win-win situation for Würth and its customers.

Envases – Haller Löwenbräu – Würth: A real dream team!

Minikegs von Würth und Envases zur EM

No party keg without the right beer. For many years, Würth has been collaborating with the Haller Löwenbräu brewery, which fills the delicious amber nectar into the highly coveted kegs. “For years, we had a pale ale (“Helles”) in our kegs, but for the past 2-3 years, we have been filling Pils,” explains Gärtner. “It’s not easy to satisfy the taste of all Germans, as there are many regional differences here. However, we have had very good experiences nationwide with the Pils from Haller Löwenbräu.

The entire process is wonderful,” Gärtner rejoices. “The initial talks at Envases, for example, started as early as October 2023, when the layouts, which always come from Würth, are created. Envases then prints and delivers the finished mini kegs to Haller Löwenbräu. They fill them up and take care of the delivery to our stores with a forwarding agency. It works perfectly every year.” Overall, Gärtner also praises the collaboration with Envases. Especially this year, photos for marketing had to be taken very early. Envases easily produced some empty kegs in advance for the shoot, so Würth had no delays.

The part keg as an optimal advertising medium!

Partyfässer am POSAnother crucial aspect of Würth’s party kegs is the experience of being able to tap fresh beer oneself. This experience is not only entertaining but also conveys a sense of exclusivity and appreciation. By offering customers this opportunity, Würth demonstrates that it cares about their needs and preferences and is willing to provide them with a special experience. Additionally, the party keg serves as an optimal advertising medium. It offers the largest surface area of all possible containers that can be printed and branded. That’s why it’s included as a customer gift at Würth even in years when neither the World Cup nor the European Championship is being celebrated. “We usually find another great campaign that we can do with the party keg in the summer,” says Gärtner. “Especially when new products are introduced, we like to use the large advertising space of the kegs to introduce and promote these new products. In the summer, there are plenty of occasions to enjoy a party keg while barbecuing and socializing, even without major soccer events.”

Würth’s European Championship campaign for 2024 starts in all 600 German branches on May 1st, and it is already certain that the ordered 38,000 mini kegs will be gone in 1.5 months. “Usually, in the first four weeks alone, 29,000 units are sold,” Gärtner knows. So, it’s important to act quickly, shop at Würth, and secure great European Championship kegs!