Help for Ukraine: Envases donates minikegs for drinking water

The war in Ukraine, which has been going on since 2022, is causing consternation all over the world. Since then, the minikeg manufacturer Envases in Öhringen has also been looking for ways to help and alleviate the suffering of the local people. After several campaigns last year, another aid delivery has now been organized: Envases donated 500 refillable five-liter kegs, which can be used to supply a children's hospital with drinking water.

“What we do today determines what the world will be like tomorrow.” Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach 

The ongoing and unchanged war between Russia and Ukraine is deeply concerning. However, how can one provide assistance to Ukraine? From the initial feeling of helplessness, many small relief efforts have emerged. It’s what each individual can truly do to make the world a little better.

Envases already donated 8,000 minikegs to Kiev last year. The Ukrainian brewery Obolon filled these with clean brewing water and thus helped to ensure that the population of Kiev could be adequately supplied with fresh drinking water even in the event of supply bottlenecks. This year, nearly 500 kegs were donated to Obolon. These are intended to benefit, among other things, a children’s hospital where children injured by the war are being treated.

“Especially with innocent children being injured or even killed, the madness of war shows its ugly face,” comments Michael Tischler, Marketing Manager at Envases Öhringen concerned regarding the fundraising campaign. “That’s why we’re particularly pleased with the idea that our minikegs could be donated to a children’s hospital this year.

Help for Ukraine: refillable minikegs

Normally, Envases’ minikegs are disposable containers. A cap is hammered into the filling hole on the top of the keg, which seals the keg tightly. The kegs to help Ukraine are different: here, only a dust cap is placed on the hole. This cap can be removed again to refill the barrel. Since the barrels are only used in this case for water that does not contain carbon dioxide, it is sufficient to use this provisional solution as a leakage protection. This allows the Obolon brewery to re-fill the minikegs at any time. In order to facilitate use, Envases has also supplied a carrying strap for each five-liter keg. Usually this is only available as an accessory, but the Ukraine kegs come with it.

Obolon brewery – a very good partner

Beladung der Spenden-Minikegs

Even if the passion to do good is very great, the bureaucratic and organizational hurdles often prevent it. Not so in the case of the water barrels as aid for Ukraine. Both the sales team of Envases Öhringen and the partner brewery Obolon in Kiev fought their way through many phone calls, mails and customs issues. The latest almost 500 kegs are now also being sent on their way and can hopefully be delivered promptly filled with fresh brewing water. “If we were able to make the misery of the Ukrainian population even only a little bit better with our donation, then all the effort was worthwhile,” summarizes Harry Eichholz, sales representative and organizer at Envases.

On the occasion of the Day of German Beer, Envases conducted a charity pilgrimage in April 2022, during which € 22,500 were donated to ‘Save the children e.V.’ for the children in Ukraine. Following that, the first 8,000 water kegs were donated, and now another 500 for the Ukrainian children’s hospital. Everyone at Envases Öhringen agrees: “We help where we can and where support is needed. It is quite possible that we will continue to undertake such actions in the future…!”