Water barrels for Ukraine: Envases donates 8000 minikegs

With an aid delivery of around 8,000 tinplate kegs, Envases wants to help ensure that the population of Kiev continues to receive drinking water even in the event of supply bottlenecks. To this end, the minikeg world market leader from Öhringen is cooperating with the Obolon brewery, Ukraine's largest beverage producer, which can fill drinking water into the five-liter barrels as needed. In order to realize this relief action, the Envases team had to overcome some bureaucratic and organizational challenges. A few weeks ago, the barrels finally arrived in Kiev.

What can we do? How can we help? These questions were also asked at Envases in Öhringen when the terrible images of the Russian invasion of Ukraine dominated the news in the spring of 2022. The team at the world market leader for 5-liter party kegs actually came up with a good idea: We donate water kegs for Ukraine!

After months of planning, organizing and overcoming many bureaucratic hurdles, the time had finally come at the end of July: around 8,000 specially prepared minikegs made their way by truck from Öhringen to Kiev. The Obolon brewery based there can fill its brewing water in them and distribute it to the population as drinking water in the event of supply bottlenecks.


Water kegs for Ukraine are refillable

It is true that the minikeg is usually a disposable container. In the case of the water barrels for Ukraine, however, Envases ensured that they can even be refilled if necessary. Therefore, only a removable dust cap closes the filling hole on the top of the drum. Unlike a tightly fitted cap, this can be removed again if necessary and the keg refilled. Since water, unlike beer, does not contain CO2, this temporary cap is sufficient to ensure that nothing leaks out.

Envases also packed a carrying handle – normally an optional accessory from the range – with each keg. This makes the water barrels for Ukraine easier to handle on site if necessary. If the situation in Kiev comes to a head and there are supply bottlenecks, residents can obtain drinking water this way. The Obolon brewery can always refill the five-liter barrels with water if necessary.

Good cooperation with Obolon Brewery in Kiev

The Beverage Sales Team at Envases is pleased that the relief operation worked out and that the kegs finally arrived in Kiev a few weeks ago. This is not only thanks to the good cooperation with the Obolon brewery. At Envases, too, “everyone pulled in the same direction right from the start. The idea from Öhringen immediately met with an open ear at the company headquarters. It quickly became clear: “We’ll do it!”

Many e-mails, phone calls, a lot of bureaucracy and organization have since been put behind the beverage sales team at Envases Öhringen. “The bureaucratic effort involved in such an action is often underestimated,” sums up sales employee Harry Eichholz. After all, it was not only various customs issues that had to be clarified in advance. While Envases customers usually have their kegs picked up from the factory themselves, in this case it was naturally a matter of concern for Envases to also ensure the transport. Not an easy task, as it turned out: “One transport company dropped out shortly beforehand because it was too dangerous to drive to Kiev in the meantime.


Water barrels for Ukraine: a lot of organization and bureaucracy

At the end of July, the last hurdle was cleared and a truck was ready to be loaded. Around 8,000 minikegs from Öhringen made their way to Kiev as water barrels for Ukraine.

Everyone would prefer it if they never had to be used there for their intended purpose, emphasizes the Envases team. But the fact is, unfortunately, that the situation in the Ukrainian capital has been extremely difficult since the start of the war and threatens to get worse every day. If necessary, the minikegs from Öhringen could then help to alleviate the plight of the population.

Certainly not the last aid campaign: Envases continues to support

“That’s why the campaign was worth every effort,” Harry Eichholz makes clear on behalf of the entire team. Envases had already organized a charity pilgrimage in the spring and donated 22,500 euros to ‘Save the Children e.V.’ for children in Ukraine. And Envases will continue to support where help is needed. “Who knows – it is not ruled out that we might soon have another action like this…!”