Envases emphasizes regional sponsorship

As the largest employer in the city and one of the largest in the Öhringen district, it is important for Envases to further develop and strengthen the public perception and identification with the company. In the context of the "50 Years of Minikeg" anniversary, support for local clubs and initiatives was a top priority last year. However, beyond the anniversary year, Envases is actively involved in regional sponsorship and focuses on a long-term and strong partnership with the TSG Öhringen.

One anniversary follows another: Envases celebrated “50 Years of Minikeg” last year. And in 2023, there are more round birthdays from clubs and events in the region. This year, the TSG Öhringen celebrates its 175th anniversary. For this occasion, Envases has a generous gift in store: Just in time for the big anniversary celebration this spring, the company will give away the club 500 specially designed minikegs – Envases also provided the design draft. And there is even more to come in terms of regional sponsorship: For the upcoming soccer season, the minikeg manufacturer plans to further expand its activities and support the TSG soccer players as the main sponsor with jersey donations and advertising boards.

“It’s simply very important for us to strengthen our local presence,” emphasizes Michael Tischler, Marketing Manager at Envases. The largest gymnastics and sports club in the region, in which many Envases employees are active, is the perfect point of reference. After all, the company is also interested in employer branding. Among the players on the field or the fans on the sidelines, there may already be one or two of tomorrow’s employees.


Envases Supports TSG Öhringen

The fact that the long-established company has been closely associated with TSG for many years and is deeply rooted in the region becomes clear not least when looking at the club grounds: the sports hall built in 1960 is named after the company founder Karl Huber. The soccer stadium has borne the name Otto Meister Stadium since 2005. Otto Meister was the grandson of the company founder and inventor of the minikeg. The foundation with the same name that he established supports projects and initiatives in the region and also contributed financial resources to the stadium modernization. Both Envases pioneers are honorary members of the club.

Öhringen und Envases Sponsoring

The Öhringen Mayor Thilo Michler (left) was also able to receive a gift from the hands of Marketing Manager Michael Tischler on the occasion of “50 Years of Minikeg.”


Nevertheless, not everyone in the region is aware of the connection to the present company Envases, marketing manager Michael Tischler regretfully acknowledges. In 2021, the former Huber Packaging Group was taken over by the international packaging giant Envases, which gave the company a huge leap forward in terms of competitiveness, but unfortunately also made the original name disappear. Making the new company name Envases more familiar locally is therefore the declared goal of the marketing expert. He receives full support from Jochen Massa, the new managing director of Envases Öhringen GmbH since October 2022, who also considers it very important “to emphasize our social responsibility in the region even more.”


Regional sponsorship of sports, culture, and tradition

verkaufsoffener Sonntag in Öhringen

During the open Sunday, the Envases booth with raffle barrels was a real eye-catcher at the local shopping center.


For the 200th anniversary of the “Öhringer Horse Market”, Envases designed special anniversary kegs and sponsored 500 of them to the city.

The company uses various channels and events to draw attention to itself. Its regional sponsorship is not just limited to sports, but also includes culture and tradition, for example. During the Minikeg anniversary year, various local associations and initiatives received support. Envases distributed a total of 500 anniversary kegs in 2023. Whether at the Martinimarkt or in the Ö-Center, the largest shopping center in Öhringen, Envases was represented everywhere last year with its kegs, which were raffled off to the people of Öhringen. Envases also supported the lucky lottery tickets “Öhringer Glückslose” campaign to strengthen the regional retail trade with its anniversary kegs.


The regional sponsorship will also continue this year. It is because the Öhringen Horse Market celebrates its 200th birthday in 2023. To mark the occasion, Envases marketing manager Michael Tischler has created the town’s own keg design and had 500 minikegs printed with it. The sponsored party kegs are filled with beer from Haller Löwenbräu, a medium-sized family brewery from the region with which Envases is happy to cooperate on such occasions. The city of Öhringen has already held a draw for 200 party kegs – with an overwhelming response: after the online reservation was released at midnight on the day of the event, there were already a hail of reservations by dawn. After just eight hours, the 200 kegs were given away and the campaign was already over.


Increasing the local presence with the help of the minikeg

The company’s marketing manager, Michael Tischler, is particularly pleased that the special designs with regional references are so well received by the local public. As a marketing expert, he appreciates the extraordinary large design area that the minikeg offers and makes such creative designs possible. “We are happy to be able to support such special events and anniversaries through our regional sponsorship,” Tischler emphasizes. “The minikeg not only offers the ideal design area, but also immediately establishes a connection to our company.” As the largest employer in the city and one of the largest in the Öhringen district, it is a matter of the heart for Envases to show presence on the ground and actively shape the future of the region.

Title Image: Envases has been closely associated with TSG Öhringen for many years and is currently working to expand its sponsorship further. To celebrate its 175th birthday this year, the club will receive 500 free anniversary kegs.