Quality mini kegs by Envases: customized, competent, 100% safe

Safety and having competent partners are vital for breweries and beverage retailers. The quality of the mini kegs by Envases create uniqueness, reliability and competence. Together with Jasmin Rehn, Head of Quality Management at Envases, we take a look behind the scenes in order to explain what is so special about our mini keg quality.

„Here at Envases we do not only aim to fulfill our customers’ expectations, we want more than that. To make something good even better, is our goal because that is the only way to create true excitement!“ says Jasmin Rehn, Head of Quality Management. She supervises quality throughout the party keg production in Öhringen and that is how she describes the quality philosophy of her company. Mini keg quality by Envases: customized, competent, 100% safe.

Mini keg quality by Envases: certified safety!

Envases invented the five-liter party keg back in 1972, which is why the company can rely on lots of experience in terms of production and quality management of this product. Huge parts of the regulations and the associated methodology for sampling has actually been developed by Envases itself.

How important quality management is to Envases is also shown by the fact that it is ISO 9001 certified. Therefore, Envases meets a clearly defined and worldwide accepted standard in terms of quality.

FSSC 22000 certification (short for Food Safety System Certification) makes Envases an audited and certified company for safe and conform packaging for the food industry. Whenever a product like the mini keg is in direct contact with food items it has to meet certain standards for food safety. Those include regulations for resources that are suitable for food products, hygiene regulations and many more. Being certified according to this standard creates acceptance and trust for the mini keg quality with all parties involved within the grocery chain.

But Envases doesn’t stop here. In close collaboration with the customers and their expectations for quality, which have only increased over the past years, the sampling processes and methodologies are being improved and fine-tuned continuously.

Sustainability is of huge importance when it comes to mini keg quality

Envases made the conscious decision to rely on tin as packaging material for its party kegs. This is not only because of its specific packaging characteristics, but also because it can be recycled infinitely without any cutbacks in quality. More than 90% of all tin packaging is recycled in Germany, in Europe it is more than 80%.

But sustainability means even more than that at Envases: the company relies on continuous reduction of energy like gas and electricity in its production. This is achieved partly by using waste heat from the afterburning that results in paint areas, for example for heating and cooling of buildings. Therefore, Envases decided several years ago to have its energy management audited and ISO 50001 certified as well. Thanks to this procedure the company proves year after year that the energy that is needed for the mini keg production keeps getting reduced. This resource-saving approach is how the company contributes to its improved environmental balance. That way Envases has been ISO 14001 certified for the first time this year in terms of its environmental management. Furthermore, the reduction of used energy and other topics like waste reduction and avoidance of emissions have received more attention.

Mini keg quality philosophy means for Envases: exceed expectations

Triple-testing of tightness

 Dichte_Prüfung in der Produktionsanlage

Standard testing of keg tightness at the production plant

One of the most important criteria for quality of the 5-liter kegs is tightness. Once they are filled with beer, they need to be 100% tight. There are three different testing procedures in place to check this important criterion at the production plant:

    1. In the production line all kegs are being checked by a tightness testing machine to make sure they are 100% tight. Sensors determine the most minimal pressure drops and sorts out defective kegs automatically.
    2. On a random basis kegs are checked in an underwater test basin where they are impinged with 2 bar of air pressure. Ascending bubbles would make the tiniest leaks visible.
    3. Just as randomly a hydraulic tightness test is being performed. It simulates the pressure that could occur within a keg in high temperatures. Therefore, kegs are impinged with more than 6 bar of water pressure and are being stressed to their failure limits.

Jasmin Rehn, Head of Quality Management at Envases

In terms of stability and density, the high temperatures have a huge impact on the mini kegs. At very high temperatures the inner pressure of the keg rises, which directly impacts the tin as well as the plastic components. Envases responded to this problem and developed the so called ‘extreme keg’ that is made of thicker metal sheets and modified plastic components. Customer request and market demand are always in the focus of such developments.

Envases says ‘no’ to bisphenol A

Plastic additive bisphenol A (BPA) has gotten a lot of public attention in 2016 in terms of potentially being harmful to consumer health. Therefore, Envases decided to not only follow legal standards and comply with limit values, but to abandon PBA-containing products completely.

Envases does not make compromises when it comes to this topic and therefore exceeds legal regulations by far since many years. At Envases the limiting value is 0. All ENVASES 50-liter kegs are 100% BPA free.

Quality philosophy at Envases: a good partner for the customer!

„Customer satisfaction is our first priority“, explains Jasmin Rehn. Despite its extensive presence on the market, Envases managed to stay a medium-sized company with close collaboration and short communication channels. When it seems necessary, we don’t hesitate to have a specialist present at a customer’s meeting. Specific requests from the customer tend to get more and more complex. Therefore, we need flexibility and communication on eye-level. We like to have constructive discussions with our customer regarding the production processes and measures for quality management at Envases. Envases appears approachable, provides competence and relies on 100% safety for its customers.