50 years of Minikeg: Happy Birthday, partykeg!

At 50 years old, the minikeg is in its prime and is well received everywhere – as countless fans around the globe confirm. No wonder, since it is wonderfully uncomplicated and up for any kind of fun. It is always welcome at parties and always surprises with a new, sometimes unusual and eye-catching look. On its round birthday, the popular party keg from Envases can therefore look forward to lots of compliments and heartfelt congratulations.

50 years of Minikeg: The five-liter party keg from Envases is celebrating a milestone birthday this year. The practical party keg has long had a permanent place on beverage market shelves. After all, it has been making it possible to have a freshly tapped beer at home for five decades and is therefore extremely popular, and not just when celebrating within one’s own four walls.

50 years of minikeg: breweries love the party keg as an advertising medium

Beer lovers appreciate the party keg in many ways – just like the breweries. As an innovative advertising medium, it offers scope for creativity and unusual designs, which many breweries know how to exploit in a wide variety of ways. Whether at major soccer events, at carnivals, during the barbecue season, or simply for relaxed celebrations with friends: The mini keg is used on many occasions and is therefore an established part of the keg assortment of many breweries. What’s more, in times of corona in particular, it was even a lifeline for some. In view of closed restaurants and canceled events, the trendy topic of “draft beer@home” took on a whole new significance and helped to improve sales figures at least a little in difficult times.

50 years of Minikeg – especially in increasingly fast-moving times, such an anniversary cannot be taken for granted and only succeeds for products that do not resist change and the spirit of the times. How they have followed the development of the party keg, what significance it has for their company and what they particularly appreciate about the product – all this is expressed by our Envases business partners in their personal congratulations:


For us, the minikeg is more than just a party keg. We use it as a cross-media communication container, for example at carnivals or for our merchandising campaigns. It allows a lot of creative possibilities and can therefore be placed in an eye-catching way at the POS trade. We congratulate the Minikeg on its 50th anniversary and plan many more joint campaigns!

Thomas Deloy, Marketing/PR Management, Gaffel Private Brewery


Rhanerbräu – the oldest family brewery in Eastern Bavaria – congratulates the simply great MiniKeg on its 50th birthday. For us, born out of (Corona) necessity, the 5l keg is and remains a fixed component in our range. As a small family-run brewery, we have bottled our popular festival beer exclusively for the festival season (in – large – kegs) until 2020. This was also the case in March 2020 for the approaching 2020 festival season. But then Corona happened and there were no more festivals. But: Our good festival beer had already been brewed and was maturing in the storage tank. The question was, what should we do? Our son Max then had the idea with the 5l kegs for our “Rhaner Festbier dahoam”… actually only intended for a short time, but the demand was then so great and still is, that the 5l keg remains firmly in the Rhaner range.

Plößl family (son Max in the picture) from Rhanerbräu 


BrauFässchen (Brewkeg)

This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary and the party keg its 50th, if that’s not a reason to celebrate! Happy birthday, dear party keg, from the BrauFässchen team! And of course also on behalf of all brewers who have brewed their own beer with the BrauFässchen in the last 10 years – as well as tapped, toasted and re-tapped!

Dominik Guber and Susanne Kistler, Managing Directors BrauFässchen


Thank you for the first tapping experience in the home party cellars, at barbecues or in the garages of our customers. Thank you for not foaming quite as much as you used to. Thank you for always evolving. Thank you that our beer tastes at least as good as from any other container. Thank you for your huge design space. Thank you for 50 years of minikeg and for carrying great designs like our Steam Brew 5L Session IPA Winter Edition.

Here’s to you – Cheers from Mannheim!

Eichbaum private brewery


We, the brewery “Im Füchschen” from Düsseldorf, would like to congratulate one of our most popular and original advertisers on its’ 50th birthday and wish it continued success for the next 50 years!

Master brewer Lena Backes and master brewer Rüdiger Adelmann on behalf of the “Im Füchschen” brewery


Happy 50th birthday, party keg! You are the star for us at Metzgerbräu, because with you our customers can enjoy freshly tapped Metzgerbräu in the comfort of their own homes and your commitment to supporting the people in Ukraine is also priceless. Here’s to another 50 years of party keg!

Manfred Reichert from Uetzinger Metzgerbräu


The 5 liter party keg is very popular with our customers, especially for enjoying a freshly tapped beer at home. Of course, the “small, large container” is an optimal advertising medium for our brewing specialties, which are still brewed according to the traditional, artisanal method with open, manual fermentation.

Here’s to another 50 years of party keg – all the best!

Stefan Hähnel, Marketing/Public Relations, Landskron Brau-Manufaktur

Fun fact by the way: The “birth year” 1972 is shared by the mini-keg with other groundbreaking inventions and achievements that have enriched our lives for five decades: With the MRI scanner, the kebab, the Nuremberg subway and the Bobbycar, the party keg is in the best birthday company with products we wouldn’t want to miss. We would like to say thank you for all the congratulations and years of loyalty and look forward to many more fascinating ideas with which our customers have honored the party keg for so many years!