Krombacher 5l freshness keg: party can in an innovative design

The party keg celebrates a round birthday. The anniversary "50 years of Minikeg" is not only a good occasion for a look back, but also for a look ahead. After all, Envases has steadily developed the 5-liter keg over the past decades - and continues to do so. But breweries are also focusing on innovation and further development of the popular disposable container. One successful example is the Krombacher 5-liter freshness keg.

The Krombacher 5-liter freshness keg entered the German market in 2007 and has become firmly established there in the party keg segment. Envases Öhringen has been producing the Krombacher 5-liter freshness keg on behalf of Krombacher Brewery since 2021.

Krombacher 5l freshness kegs established in the party keg sector


The great advantage of the Krombacher 5-liter freshness keg is the integrated CO2 pressure system. It generates the pressure required for tapping and at the same time adds sufficient carbon dioxide to the beer. This ingenious technology provides a freshly tapped beer for home use and consumers with a fresh experience from the first to the last drop. Since no oxygen can penetrate the keg, the beer remains as fresh as the first day for up to 30 days after the first tap, with consistent quality in taste and a beautiful, stable head.

Just like the classic party can, the Krombacher Freshness keg holds five liters of beer. It is also an “all-in-one” solution that does not require an extra dispenser. This is because, thanks to sophisticated, integrated technology, you can tap directly from the keg. It is easy to handle and ready for use in no time at all. To do this, you simply have to insert the enclosed tap head. Before that, the keg should be cooled in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours.

Popular container for social occasions


For Krombacher, the 5-liter freshness keg is “a relevant addition to our container portfolio,” as the company explains. In addition to Krombacher Pils, Krombacher brewing tradition natural cloudy cellar beer and natural cloudy country beer were also offered seasonally in the 5-liter freshness keg as promotional containers.

But, as Krombacher emphasizes, the normal mini-keg also still has a firm place in the range. Both the 5-liter freshness keg and the 5-liter party can are popular containers for social occasions and ideal for enjoying beer in a relaxed party atmosphere.

And Krombacher’s experience shows that both are very well received by consumers. “The slightly stronger demand is for the 5-liter freshness keg,” explains Julia Messerschmidt from Krombacher Corporate Communications. The reason for this, she says, is probably – in addition to the innovative tapping system – the possibility of tapping the chilled keg fresh again and again – and for 30 days without any loss of quality. “That also makes it interesting for somewhat smaller groups.” But the party can is also popular and enjoys great popularity, for example also as a special edition that Krombacher launched this year for the Wacken festival.

Produced by Envases since 2021

Envases, the world market leader in mini-kegs, is proud to have been able to produce the Krombacher 5-liter freshness keg exclusively for Krombacher since 2021. After all, the company not only has immense experience when it comes to the production and quality assurance of the product, but has even developed some of the testing methods used by the company itself. The importance attached to quality management at Envases Öhringen GmbH is also demonstrated by various certifications.

The example of Krombacher 5-liter freshness kegs shows once again that the party keg as a disposable container has great potential for the future, emphasizes Peer Brämer, sales manager at Envases Beverage. Because – not just since Corona – experience clearly shows that “customers have an affinity for freshly tapped beer at home.” That’s why, in the course of the anniversary “50 years of Minikeg,” not only looking back but also looking forward plays a major role for him as well: “We won’t rest on our success story, but will continue to focus on innovation and further development in the future.” And referring to the Minikeg, he emphasizes with a wink: “After all, at 50 you’re at the best age – there are still many exciting chapters to come!”