Brewer as a growing profession: Envases supports trainees

More and more young people are opting for the growing profession of brewer - a traditional craft with modern technical aspects. As the world market leader in mini kegs, Envases Öhringen is supporting this encouraging development by providing high-quality equipment for the next generation of brewers. Most recently, the company sponsored 1500 individually printed party kegs for the training brewery at the vocational school in Kulmbach, Upper Franconia.

The fact that (once again) more young people are opting for the growing profession of brewer is a welcome development, and not just for those responsible at the vocational school center in Kulmbach, Upper Franconia. The number of trainee brewers there has been rising for years. “Currently, we even have a brewing class consisting only of high school graduates,” explains principal Alexander Batistella. In particular, the establishment of a new training brewery eight years ago has really pushed the training course on site.

Envases sponsors 1500 printed party kegs

Envases spendet MiniKEGs an Lehrbrauerei

(from left) Head of Studies Marco Scherl, District Administrator Klaus Peter Söllner, Headmaster Alexander Battistella, Sales Manager Envases Peer Brämer and Jochen Weber

Envases Öhringen GmbH also supports this encouraging development to the best of its ability. As a partner of the brewing industry, the company generously sponsors equipment for the new generation. Just recently, the Kulmbach brewer trainees were happy to receive 1,500 individually printed party kegs for their home-brewed beer.

“Bierwerk” is emblazoned in silver letters on the stylishly branded matte black minikegs. This is the name under which the brewer trainees at the Kulmbach Vocational School Center, the second largest vocational school center in Upper Franconia, have recently been bottling their own creations. It’s all so very easy thanks to a modern bottling line, which Envases helped to purchase at a reasonable price. The 1,500 party kegs with the appropriate imprint were now given by Envases as a gift on top.

Promoting the growing profession of brewing further

Azubis und das MiniKEG von Envases

Students filling MiniKEGs

Envases Beverage sales manager Peer Brämer and the Beverage division’s consultant Jochen Weber had extra traveled to Kulmbach to hand over the donation in person. The latter still has personal connections to the Upper Franconian beer town, where he also worked professionally for many years. Supporting his former home in continuing to establish itself as the “epicenter of Upper Franconia beer country” (in the words of District Administrator Klaus Peter Söllner) is therefore also a matter close to his personal heart.

The modern training brewery in Kulmbach impressed the two Envases executives. After all, as industry experts they know all too well how important sound training is for the future of the brewing trade. Supporting the next generation of brewers to the best of its ability and constantly promoting the growing profession will therefore remain one of Envases’ main priorities. After all, the world market leader in party kegs is well aware that today’s brewing students are tomorrow’s brewers – and customers!