European Football Championship: High season for the 5 liter party keg!

Soccer and beer - they simply belong together! The combination of games, excitement, fun and a cold beer in the hand creates a real party atmosphere among fans - especially at international tournaments. There will be a real highlight next year: the European Football Championship in Germany in the summer of 2024. Fans and the brewing industry are eagerly awaiting the kickoff of UEFA Euro 2024. Make sure you get your minikegs in time for the "summer fairy tale 2.0"! We're counting on full stadiums, public viewing and lots of private European Championship parties. This should boost beer sales.

A freshly tapped beer to go with the game! The 5-liter party keg is extremely popular during joint soccer rounds. “It simply has an incredibly communicative component due to the self-tapping experience,” emphasizes Thomas Deloy who is Head of Marketing and PR at Gaffel. The Cologne-based private brewery has been relying on the mini-keg for many years – and sees a worthwhile target group among soccer fans in particular. Creatively designed special kegs for World Cup or European Championships are a must for the Cologne-based brewery, because “the special editions give us a sales peak every time.” The European Football Championship and the party keg – a successful model for many decades.

Marketing with the minikeg for the European Football Championship – a great success!

Envases macht Partyfässer zur Fußball-EM

Did you actually know that a major soccer event also played a decisive role in the history of the minikeg?! The 1998 World Cup in France marked a milestone in product development at Huber, the minikeg inventor and manufacturer from Öhringen, which is now part of Envases GmbH. For the first time, Huber presented a groundbreaking innovation at this World Cup: the first five-liter keg with an integrated tap! “Tapping like the world champions” (“Zapfen wie die Weltmeister”) was the slogan of the large-scale advertising campaign for the market launch in cooperation with the Warsteiner brewery.

Of course, many other breweries now use major soccer events as an occasion for special marketing campaigns. The mini keg plays a key role in this. This is because it is not only an extremely popular container for social gatherings, especially for watching soccer, but also offers breweries an extremely large advertising space and room for creative design ideas. That’s why the European Football Championship and the party keg is a model for success.

Don’t miss the unique opportunity of the European Football Championship and use the 5-liter party keg as an attractive advertising medium! When it comes to design, there are no limits to your imagination and the high-quality printing by Envases guarantees you a result at the highest level. It’s no wonder that some mini kegs of a limited special edition even become popular collector’s items.

Their beer in the Envases party keg for the European Championship – this unbeatable combination offers breweries the best conditions for a summer fairy tale in 2024!