Bitburger EM party keg 2024: A success story continues!

Bitburger is the official beer partner of this year's European Championship in Germany - a significant partnership for German soccer. Alongside Envases, the brewery is once again launching a special European Championship mini keg, as the European Championship Party Keg was a great success back in 2021. This partnership underscores the shared values of Envases, Bitburger and soccer and will provide fans with an unforgettable and delicious experience during the European Championship.

The European Championship, the biggest soccer event in Europe, is on the horizon, and the announcement that Bitburger is the official beer partner of the tournament has sparked excitement and anticipation. From June 14 to July 14, stadiums across Germany will once again host matches, celebrations, and heartfelt moments. 51 games will be played in ten German cities. The opening will take place at the Munich Allianz Arena, with the final at the Berlin Olympic Stadium. As the official beer partner, Bitburger will accompany the European Championship in its own country and make a significant contribution to the enjoyable celebration during the European Championship in Germany. Also returning is the Bitburger EM Party Keg 2024 by Envases – a successful tradition and surely again a model for success in 2024!

Bitburger named official beer partner for the European Championship 2024 in Germany

Bitburger offizieller Partner der EM

The decision to choose Bitburger as the beer partner comes as no surprise when considering the brewery’s qualities and commitment. For decades, Bitburger has stood for quality, tradition, and enjoyment. The brand has a strong connection to soccer and has long supported the sport at various levels. From local clubs to major international events, Bitburger has always supported the game and its fans with various sponsorship initiatives.

“Germany welcomes the world – as the number one hospitality brand, we at Bitburger have lived by this motto every day. As the Official Beer Partner of the European Championship, it is special for us to contribute to presenting Germany as a top host country,” emphasizes Jan Niewodniczanski, CEO of the Bitburger Brewery Group. The partnership is also an opportunity for both sides to share their values and goals. For years, Bitburger has been committed to quality, fair play, and unforgettable experiences. These shared values will form the basis for a successful collaboration during the tournament.

Great promotions and many extras from Bitburger for the European Championship

Fußball, EM, Bier, Envases Bil: Picture source: AdobeStock_198297134

For Bitburger, the partnership with the European Championship is an opportunity to further expand its presence and visibility. The brewery’s fine brew will be served in all stadiums as well as official fan zones and will be available everywhere at the events of the host cities. But the partners in the hospitality and retail sectors outside the ten cities are also looking forward to great promotions, many extras, and attractive activities surrounding football. The event provides a unique platform to reach millions of football fans worldwide and underscore the brand’s commitment to the sport. To celebrate the exclusive beer partnership appropriately, Bitburger will actively engage its social media channels with current information about the tournament. There, fans will find all the latest news as well as exclusive offers and promotions from Bitburger.

A symbol for soccer and beer enjoyment: The Bitburger EM Party Keg 2024

EM-Minikegs von Envases

Bitburger and Envases have been working together for over 30 years now. The European Championship mini kegs from the world market leader for 5-liter party kegs have already generated enthusiasm and sales during the 2021 Championship. At that time, the entire country was still overshadowed by Corona, and the Championship had to be largely followed from home screens. The EM mini keg introduced back then was highly popular among fans. Given this success, Bitburger and Envases have decided to continue their partnership this year and release another Championship mini keg. It is not only a symbol of passion, shared celebrations, and being together with friends but also of experiencing soccer with a freshly tapped beer.

The EM Party Keg is a highly emotional item that ensures visibility, especially in trade. On a mini keg, there is a large advertising space that can be designed to its best advantage. Similar to 2021, the EM Party Keg will be distributed through beverage retailers as well as supermarkets and will also be supported by Bitburger in its marketing activities. “For us, it is once again an honor to be part of a European Championship with our Party Keg especially because this time it is being held in Germany,” comments Michael Tischler, Marketing Manager at Envases Öhringen GmbH.

Shared values, shared goal: Passion for soccer and beer

The partnerships between Bitburger and this year’s European Championship underscore shared values and a passion for quality and enjoyment. The Envases party keg for Bitburger adds an extra highlight that makes celebrating even more of an experience. Together, all partners are committed to providing fans with an unforgettable experience during the European Championship 2024 and sharing the excitement for soccer and beer. Here’s to another German summer fairytale and a great and successful EM 2024!