Event Marketing with the Mini Keg: Waldhaus Bike Marathon Keg

The Waldhaus Bike Marathon annually captivates not only cyclists from all over Germany and beyond but also thousands of on-site spectators. Organized for 18 years by the private brewery Schwarzwälder Privatbrauerei Waldhaus, this year they introduced a unique idea for their event marketing by incorporating Envases' Mini Kegs. As a participant's gift, each individual taking part in this cycling event received a specially branded 5-liter "Finish Line Beer" keg.

For many decades, Waldhaus has been a satisfied customer of Envases. The private brewery from the Black Forest regularly kegs several of their beer varieties – currently the top sellers are Diplom Pils, Hell, Ohne Filter, and Schwarzwald Weisse – into the 5-liter party keg. Now, for the first time, they had the idea to use the Mini Keg for event marketing. This is because the brewery, together with the Velo- und Bike-Club Waldshut-Tiengen, annually organizes the renowned cycling event, Waldhaus Bike Marathon. For its 18th edition this year, the participants were in for a very special starter gift: an exclusive “Finish Line Beer” in a specially branded party keg provided by Envases.


A “Finisher Beer” party keg for each participant

Übergabe Envases-Minikeg

A participant of the bike marathon with a handed over minikeg.

“Recharge your battery!” is displayed on the dark green can with Waldhaus logo and typical bike marathon lettering. The addition of “Finisher Beer” also immediately reveals the intended use. The ” Finisher Beer” could also be enjoyed freshly chilled and directly from the Waldhaus taps at the event location. For the first time this year, the start and finish areas of the race course were located around the Waldhaus logistics hall. With the new event location, the connection to the private brewery was underlined even more clearly.

Through a special branding of the barrels, which the brewery used this year for the first time for its event marketing with the Minikeg, the advertising effect of the race can be extended far beyond the event weekend and the region. After all, the participating cycling enthusiasts came from all over. Each of them took home a party keg and can proudly present their ” Finisher Beer” to their guests at the next party in remembrance of a great sporting event. It is an invaluable and wide-reaching advertising effect that is achieved here with little effort!


Successful premiere in event marketing with the minikeg

Das Werbe-Minikeg zum Bike-Marathon

For years, Waldhaus has been happy to use the mini keg as part of its sponsorship campaigns. Because, as Tanja Blum, Marketing Manager at Waldhaus, points out, “The 5-liter keg simply has a completely different value than, say, a beer crate.” This is due, on the one hand, to the attractive appearance and the possibility of placing one’s own logo on a large area. On the other hand, it’s the tap option, which also gives the can an experiential character. For previous campaigns, only party kegs in the usual Waldhaus brand design were used. Waldhaus implemented its own event-related branding of the kegs for the first time on the occasion of the 18th Bike Marathon. With complete success – as could be seen from the enthusiastic reaction of the participants, who were allowed to take one of the limited party kegs home with them!

The design of the minikegs was carried out in close coordination with Waldhaus, and the printing was done by Envases. This was an effort that was gladly taken on in Öhringen, even for a small quantity of only about 1000 pieces. After all, it was once again a matter of actively supporting a long-standing customer in its original event marketing with the mini keg. “The party keg is basically a marketing all-rounder,” says Michael Tischler, Marketing Manager at Envases Öhringen. “It’s just fun to show our customers all the great things you can do with our minikegs!”


About Waldhaus:

With 60 employees and 100,000 hectoliters of beer output per year, Waldhaus is one of the smaller breweries in Germany. The private brewery has been family-owned since it was founded 190 years ago. As the great-grandson of the brewery’s founder, Managing Director Dieter Schmid is now the fourth generation to maintain the brewing tradition.

However, Waldhaus proves time and again with flying colors that even small regional suppliers can hold their own in a shrinking market. Regional price leadership, international awards and continuous healthy growth are just three points that clearly underline this. More than 1,000 national and international quality awards, such as the “World’s Best Pilsner” or the “World’s Best Seasonal Lager,” confirm the quality of Waldhaus beer specialties.

As a small, traditional beer manufactory, Waldhaus relies not only on creativity but also on select ingredients when brewing beer. For example, only natural aroma hop cones are used for all beers – a luxury that, according to Waldhaus, only two percent of all German breweries can afford. The brewing water comes from the Black Forest’s primary rock and five of the brewery’s own springs.