Meet the Envases Sales team: a chat with Gabrielle Kutterer

Empathy, expertness and advisory expertise – these are the strengths of our Sales team that sells our 5-liter party kegs all over the world. Gabrielle Kutterer is a competent sparring partner for our customers and speaks French, English, Italian and Spanish besides her first language, German.

No other department in a company interacts as closely with the customer as Sales. That is why maximum empathy, expertness and advisory expertise on eye-level are key skills in this area. The Sales department not only negotiates prices, but also looks for services that transport ideal cost-benefit relationships. Would there be any use in having the most innovative and exciting products, if you don’t have anyone to sell or explain them to potential customers?  Especially for companies that interact on a global level, it is vital to approach local customers in their respective national language. This does not only prevent misunderstandings, but also guarantees clear communication and on-point information. Envases is an international company that sells 5-liter kegs around the globe. Therefore, it requires certain skilled people within their sales force that are able to interact on eye-level with customers. Meet the Envases Sales team: talking to language talent Gabrielle Kutterer!

Meet the Envases Sales team: Gabrielle Kutterer – language genius and customer’s favorite!

To get a better understanding of Gabrielle Kutterer’s persona, you have to learn about her mother. She is French and therefore her daughter was raised bilingual, speaking German and French from childhood on. Knowing both of those languages perfectly was a very good basis for the language enthusiast from Baden-Wuerttemberg. But Gabrielle Kutterer didn’t settle for this advantage. In high school she learned English and Italian and after graduation, during her training as Europe secretary, she added Spanish to her repertoire. These language skills are complemented by her good understanding for technical contexts as well as her passion for people.

After completing her apprenticeship, young Gabrielle accepted a position as Assistant to Head of Sales at a big manufacturing company. Thanks to this job she learned from the ground up how an Internal Sales departments works and what makes it thrive. It became clear to her, however, that in the long run she wanted a more independent and autonomous work environment. That is why she started a position within the Beverage department at Envases after another job in Internal Sales at another manufacturing company.

Sales professional Gabrielle Kutterer: always at the customer’s service

Asked what she likes most about her job at Envases, Kutterer answers: „Being always at the customer’s service and working in Internal as well as External Sales at the same time. That way, I am always at the customer’s side, from the first encounter until the successful completion of a project. This is what brings me a great deal of joy.“ Her job as account manager is quite varied and therefore always stays interesting.  She loves being able to work in a very autonomous way and making her own decisions. Her main area of sales is North and South America, England, France, Italy and Spain. But she also has some German breweries among her clients. Her language skills make for a great advantage for doing business abroad. Talking to the customer in his or her own language creates a better connection, prevents misunderstandings and allows for communication on eye-level. The latter in particular is part of the successful packaging company’s philosophy. Envases explicitly wants to be partner with its customers.

The most beautiful thing about Envases Öhringen is the fantastic working atmosphere, it simply feels like family. She is being treated like a valued team member and she appreciates being actively involved into projects from the very beginning until successful completion. „I enjoy the great team spirit here at Envases“, praises Kutterer. She claims this to be one of the main reasons why she has been with the company for so long, 13 years to be precise. Her cooperativeness and her positive attitude are what her customers like about her aswell. In addition to that, her language skills and her technical know-how in terms of production processes and product specifications complete the package. She simply is a customer’s favorite. Who could be surprised by that?