International sales Envases: Alexander Krebs joins the team

Exciting news from Öhringen: Sales expert Alexander Krebs has joined the Envases team. With his extensive experience in international sales, he will be responsible for Envases' clients in North America and Europe (excluding the Germany-Austria-Switzerland region). As a family man and a genuine fan of the MiniKeg, he is eager to share the benefits of freshly tapped beer abroad. Allow us to introduce the newest member of the Envases International Sales team.

“Actually, it’s almost a coincidence that I find myself in the international sales division at Envases,” smiles Alexander Krebs. A father to a daughter, he has been residing near Öhringen for many years, and has spent the last 15 years working for another global leader in the Hohenlohe region. Joining the leading producer of party kegs is truly a stroke of luck for him. “I am incredibly excited to take on the challenges of international sales at Envases.”

International Sales Envases: About Alexander Krebs

Krebs completed a dual degree in Business Administration at a medium-sized brewery in Chemnitz. “The brewing industry has always fascinated me,” he says. Even though his business studies didn’t directly involve him in the brewing process, he fondly remembers his time at the brewery, especially the combination of traditional brewing techniques and modern technology. Quality beer with history is what fascinates Krebs. In his new position, he aims to create exactly that for the MiniKeg. “My vision is not only to offer our customers a product but above all to convey the experience of freshly tapped beer. The party keg is not just a container; it’s the opportunity to bring unadulterated beer enjoyment to end customers and thus also to transport a piece of brewing art into social gatherings.”

15 years of experience in international sales with a world market leader

Alexander Krebs knows exactly what he is talking about. For his former employer, he worked in product management, later in field sales, and most recently in international business development. The focus of all his activities has always been to offer the customer a solution. Krebs explains this philosophy: “Let’s not kid ourselves, the product alone is unfortunately replaceable. Customers are looking for solutions around the product, and we must offer them to stand out. This is the challenge we have set ourselves at Envases. We want to position the MiniKeg even more strongly in the market. Envases is a partner of the breweries in connection with the solutions around our product.” We are taking the step from product selling to solution selling for all customers in Europe and the rest of the world.

Alexander Krebs Vertrieb Envases International Öhringen Deutschland

International Sales Envases: Partner at eye level with customers

The Envases party keg has been around for over 50 years. It’s been a successful product that has reinvented itself time and again over five decades. Moving forward, the keg will continue to evolve. Work is constantly being done to optimize the tapping experience, reveals Krebs: “We will breathe new life into the evergreen party keg! Our customers in Germany and worldwide can already look forward to this.” However, he also faces significant challenges. “We already sell our keg in many parts of the world. But when we look at the markets, we suspect that our customers don’t yet recognize the full potential of the MiniKeg. Some customers are already using the large surface area as a platform for special editions for events such as the Super Bowl 2024. So, there is definitely a huge untapped potential.” That’s why it’s essential to engage in dialogue with customers to find out where Envases can provide support with ideas, expertise, and solutions.

Solution Selling made in Germany for the whole world

“I look forward to revitalizing the beer in the keg in my new role in Envases’ international sales,” Krebs quips with a wink. Currently, we’re considering how Envases can further support our brewery partners on an international scale. “We have numerous options that we’ve already successfully implemented in other sectors. However, we first need to identify the challenges facing our international customers. Then, at Envases, we can offer specific solutions, such as in the areas of machinery, filling systems, etc.” There are already many ideas. “But we must assess individually what fits each customer.” Currently, several international initiatives are in the planning stages, such as a potential visit to the 2025 CBC trade show in Indianapolis, USA. “I’m incredibly excited to connect with the North American brewing scene. There’s so much innovation and passion there; I believe we, as a German traditional company, can be an immensely valuable partner for many breweries.”

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