Innovative party keg stand Keg2Go makes the mini keg even better

The 5-liter party keg is popular: Especially in the warm summer months, everyone can enjoy their favorite beer freshly tapped, no matter where or when! With the innovative Party Keg Stand Keg2Go, tapping and transporting the mini keg is now even easier. Ideal for those seeking stylish and convenient beer enjoyment this summer. We spoke with the inventors of Keg2Go.

Andreas Schmied and Bodo Moritz are the inventors behind the innovative, patented Keg2Go stand and carrier system. In the interview, they reveal why their new Party Keg Stand Keg2Go will revolutionize the mini keg market.

What exactly is Keg2Go? Another party keg stand? Or something more?


Andreas Schmied (right) and Bodo Moritz (left) are the founders of Keg2Go

Schmied: “Keg2Go is a system that reimagines the mini keg. It greatly simplifies handling the party keg for all beer lovers, not only making tapping itself more convenient but also simplifying the transport already in the supermarket or on the way to the party. Have you ever tried to carry two party kegs and a bag of chips? With Keg2Go, that’s possible from now on!”

Moritz: “With Keg2Go, we finally make the party keg the centerpiece of every celebration. Instead of being somewhere in the kitchen over the sink, the keg can stand on our stand right in the middle of the table. Everyone can tap their own beer, which is just incredibly fun and brings people together. In addition to its practical aspect, Keg2Go also adds a lot of entertainment value.”

How did you come up with the idea to develop the party keg stand Keg2Go?

Schmied: I lived in Cologne for many years and maintained my love for freshly tapped Kölsch, even after my life moved elsewhere. I always liked to open a party keg of Kölsch for celebrations, but somehow it was always messy because it tended to drip or spill uncontrollably. When searching for a suitable stand, I realized that there was no product that met my requirements. So, we solved the problem with Keg2Go!”

Moritz: All products on the market so far were neither cheap nor really practical. Additionally, no one has yet solved the problem of transporting the kegs. With Keg2Go, we have created a stand that makes setting up and tapping extremely easy. On the other hand, we make transporting the keg easy, as the stand can also be attached to the mini keg. This provides an ergonomic handle that convinces especially when on the go. I am from Cologne and love freshly tapped Kölsch, especially at concerts or outdoor events. With Keg2Go, its now easy to bring your own drinks.”

Keg2Go Tragen und Zapfen

Who is your target audience? Which buyers are you targeting with Keg2Go?

Moritz: “Basically, all fans of freshly tapped beer, regardless of age, who enjoy celebrating! This can be in private settings as well as in public, at festivals and events where you can bring your own drinks. Anywhere people come together to spend time and simply crave freshly tapped beer.”

Schmied: “Let’s face it, the mini keg is just practical, especially for on the go. Would you want to lug around a crate of beer at carnival? That’s where a party keg comes in handy, and with our carrying handle, it’s now really comfortable too!”

Moritz: “In addition to beer enthusiasts, I also see great potential for specialty retailers, supermarkets, and breweries themselves. Keg2Go is perfect for giving the party keg special focus through marketing actions. It’s simply an extremely ingenious container that can be enhanced with Keg2Go!”

Partyfass-Ständer Keg2Go

Where can one buy Keg2Go this summer?

Schmied: “We are currently in talks to get our Keg2Go directly into stores. The first Party Keg Stands Keg2Go will be available from June. Customers can purchase our Keg2Go system in our own online shop, as well as from selected online retailers such as or, where you can also get your favorite beer in the mini keg. Additionally, we will be present in selected brick-and-mortar stores in the beverage trade and supermarkets.”

Moritz: “Our Keg2Go is ideal for retail stores as it is stackable and takes up very little space. Placed next to the kegs, it’s an add-on to regular sales, really a win-win situation for both customers and retailers alike. But breweries and online shops can also equip kegs with the Keg2Go system, as it can be attached to the keg without affecting stackability on the pallet or the packaging size of the package.”

That sounds extremely interesting! Are there any other aspects to Keg2Go?

Moritz: “Yes, absolutely! Our Keg2Go system is made of recycled polypropylene (PP) and is reusable. This means it can be sustainably used multiple times. If it should still break, it can be recycled through the regular recycling system. This makes it ideal for the party keg, which is also an extremely sustainable container, as it is also recyclable and requires much less packaging compared to bottled beer.”

Schmied: “With more than 20 million mini kegs produced per year, we firmly believe that party keg fans will love our Keg2Go. By the way, we are currently working on making it even more flexible. Soon, there will be an optional attachment that turns the Party Keg Stand Keg2Go into a Bag-in-Box stand, allowing other beverage containers such as wine or juices to be presented on the stand.”

We thank the inventors of the Party Keg Stand Keg2Go for the interview. Learn more about Keg2Go at